Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Face

I had my 20 week ultra sound this week. They check the baby completely. It takes quite a while and it you want to know the sex of the baby, they will tell you. Well, we are having a...... BABY! lol We are keeping the sex of our baby a secret for now. Keep checking back and when we are ready we will be telling everyone! We are so blessed to have this baby coming into our lives. I look at this picture and am amazed at its beautiful, little face.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I wish I could...

Hear the sound of your giggle
See you down on the floor playing with your Daddy
See the look on your face when I tell you that you are going to have a new brother or sister
See you open your presents today on your birthday
Take you to church and teach you about Jesus
Teach you how to bake cookies
Watch you play in the snow
Take you camping and see you make your first s'more by the campfire
Hear you call me Mommy
See how messy you get making mud pies
Know if you have bouncy curls like your sister
See your daddy teach you how to ride your bicycle
Know why you cannot be here with us...........

To wish is to desire or long for something. To dream about something that you have hoped for.
Today is the seventh birthday of our daughter, Jenna. She gets to celebrate her birthday in heaven.
And I will remember her and wish... and celebrate her in my heart.

Jenna Faith Slater was born sleeping on March 2, 2002