Friday, March 28, 2008


Here are some pictures that I took while visiting the capital of Richmond.

Enjoying time with my family

I have been in Virginia for almost 2 weeks. I flew here to see my brother, Todd and my sister, Leslie. My husband bought me a plane ticket to come here for my 40th birthday present.

I first spent a few days with my brother's family. After they picked me up at the airport, we went to visit the state capital in Richmond. We walked around and I really enjoyed seeing how spring was in full bloom. Something that had not happened in New York yet. Then, my oldest niece and nephew left on a missions trip to Guatemala and my sis-in-law went to see her family in Indiana. So, I went to visit my sister, Leslie and her kids and have been here for over a week.

I have been having a good time with my nephew's Kyle and Kristofer and my niece, Katie. I have been doing a lot of cooking/baking. The kids (and my brother) seemed to like the cookies I made yesterday. I have taken the kids on several trips to the library. Katie and Kris like books alot. Kyle even got some and he was reading last night. I think it is important for kids to read alot and I really like seeing Katie read so much.

Today is my last day here. I fly home early (6 am) tomorrow. I will miss everyone but I have to go home now and get back to real life. :) aka--WORK!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I will always remember this day...

March 2, 2002. 6:36 a.m. You were born. You were born sleeping.

A baby girl. Jenna Faith. That is what we named you.

So tiny. Too tiny. The littlest fingers and toes I have ever seen.

I held you. Daddy held you. We kissed you good-bye.

I cried. Daddy cried. We never heard you cry.

Jesus holds you. Grandpa holds you--in the sweet by and by.

Today you turned 6 years old, my sweet little girl.

We wanted you so much, but Jesus needed you more.

Won't forget you. Can't forget you. I'd never even try.

I will see you. Yes, I'll see you. One day in heaven... In the sky.